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Start your very own TEFL (Teaching English as Foreign Language) adventure today and join our Graduates. .

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Ministry of Education

Chosen according to the school's preferrence including
- Our TEFL course from TEFL.ac.th has garanteed

training from varified training center by the

Ministry of Education (Thailand)
- regarding from the qualification of educational
background, training in teaching, experience,
charateristics, etc.

Guaranteed teaching job

  • Guaranteed teaching job
  • One or Two semester contract
  • 30,000 baht up monthly salary
  • Orientation Course
  • Visa and work permit assistance 
  • Support in finding accommodation
  • Thai consultant support 
  • Full curriculum and teaching mentors 
  • Certificate on program completion
  • No program fee



Our TEFL.ac.th .

140 Hours 1,300 USD

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TEFL.ac.th helps you learn to teach TEFL and find your dream teaching job. We appreciate your passion for helping others learn the English language so let’s change the world together!

Start your very own TEFL (Teaching English as Foreign Language) adventure today and join our Graduates.
Book any of our English-Government regulated TEFL Courses and you'll have a ticket to your dream career of Teaching English Abroad.

If you’re going to do this life changing, exciting and unforgettable thing, do it the right way with fully accredited, super experience and totally supportive TEFL provider. A qualification from us is your passport to far-flung places and we’re the perfect travelling companions. So, when you’re applying for jobs with your regulated certificate from an accredited provider like us, all the other applicants will be in the shade. This means you can apply for the best jobs out there, the stamps on your certificate shout “Look at Me..I’m Brilliant:..!

Your teaching experience kicks off with an amazing orientation week where you’ll meet your fellow mates before heading on to your exciting destination. With full In-Country support and accommodation included, you won’t want your unforgettable experience to just end.!

From the bustling streets of Bangkok to the temple-lined alleys of Chiang Mai, there is so much to offer as a teacher in Thailand. If you're looking for beautiful weather, a decent salary and an easy pace of life, Thailand is the perfect country for you to teach abroad. For those of you with teaching credentials or years of experience, Thailand is the perfect place to base yourself for a few years. With cushy international school jobs, amazing benefits and a cheap cost of living, many teachers decide to move to Thailand permanently. Depending on the city you choose, a salary of $450 - 1,300 USD should be enough to cover all of your expenses. Those living in Bangkok should try to find a job paying $1,000 - 1,300 USD to live comfortably. If you're living in a smaller city like Chaing Mai, $900 USD is more than enough, while smaller villages will be even cheaper. You just have to be on your toes and ask the right questions when interviewing for teaching jobs and take nothing for granted.

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